business · 30/09/2021

1 Million Capital Business Inspiration Ideas

1 Million Capital Business Inspiration Ideas – There are many people who want to have a business by leveraging existing ones. However, to start a business, you need capital not to mention if you want to open a good business. Don’t worry, there are many business ideas with only 1 million in capital

To help you, here we present a number of business ideas with a capital of IDR 1 million.

1 Million Capital Business Inspiration Ideas

1. Making parcels/hampers

The first business idea with a capital of IDR 1 million was making parcels or hampers. You can use IDR 1 million capital to buy baskets and other supporting equipment.

This business can also gain huge profits before the holidays arrive. Not only that, if you are careful in preparing market strategies and are observant of opportunities, you can develop a parcel business on a wider scale such as parcels for weddings, deliveries, and other events.

That way, you can get orders every month or even every week with this strategy. Promotion on social media also plays a key role so that your parcel or hamper business can get a wider reach.

2. Snack Packaging Business

The next business idea with a capital of IDR 1 million is to sell packaged snacks. With a capital of IDR 1 million, you can buy the initial raw materials, namely snacks and plastic packaging.

To attract the attention of potential buyers, create a unique and unusual snack packaging design.

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3. Snack or Cake

Homemade cakes can also be a business option with minimal capital. To start this business, you need an initial capital of around IDR 500 thousand to IDR 1 million, depending on the type of cake or snacks you make.

There are various types of home cakes that you can make, such as

birthday cake;
assorted fried snacks;
and others.
In addition to using social media such as Instagram to sell online, you can also market it offline by leaving home-made cakes to the nearest stalls.