business · 21/06/2021

7 Steps to Starting an Online Vegetable Business During a Pandemic

7 Steps to Starting an Online Vegetable Business During a Pandemic – During this pandemic, online vegetable sellers are one of the conveniences that people need. You can’t just waste this opportunity. You can try selling vegetables online to increase your income. The main capital is intention, and of course a smartphone and a smooth internet connection.

Well, if you are interested, Hipwee Sukses provides a brief description of how to start an online vegetable business. If these things have been done, it means that you are ready to compete with other sellers. Listen

1. First of all, check market conditions by selling using the pre-order system first
In addition to pre-orders or POs, you can also check market conditions by opening a jastip aka a deposit service. This method is done so that you know what your buyer’s needs will be. After all, if you use the PO system, you don’t need to buy a lot of stock first. So just stock up on what you ordered. Well, if the demand starts to increase, then there will be more stock and market it directly.

2. To be more profitable and get fresh vegetable stock, look for first-hand suppliers
Survey the vegetable stock directly to the farmer, look for the good stuff and the price is right. Vegetable farmers are usually a bit far from the city, but if you want to take enough stock and subscribe, they usually want to deliver!

3. Provide a special cooling machine or refrigerator to put vegetable stock so it doesn’t wilt quickly
Even if there is a refrigerator, vegetables can’t be stored for long. To anticipate this, you can buy vegetable stock from the supplier every three times a week. The hope is that your vegetables can run out without having to throw away the stock starting not fresh.

4. Don’t forget to create social media accounts so that your business looks more professional
Think of a memorable business name. To be more sure, make regular uploads. The contents can be about the products being sold, the delivery process, or testimonials from customers. Well, so that your sales are more crowded, you can advertise it through Instagram or Facebook Ads.

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5. Also consider the delivery service, do you want to use an ojol service or deliver yourself?
If you have the personnel and means of transportation to deliver orders, it will actually be more profitable. Because, some customers sometimes think that shipping via ojol is actually more expensive. Especially if the distance between your house and your vegetable warehouse is quite far. Later, even if it is delivered by yourself, don’t install expensive tariffs, so that customers don’t run away.

6. Even if you only sell vegetables, you also have to think about your branding image!
Look for one thing that characterizes your online vegetable business. For example, from neat packaging or vegetables sold specifically for organic products. In addition, you also have to think about the completeness of the products being sold. Also provide other products such as side dishes such as tempeh, fish, meat, and chicken. You can also sell fruit and groceries if possible.

7. You can also ask close friends to help promote your online vegetable business through their social media
Sometimes, promotional help from others makes the sales reach wider. In order not to seem troublesome, you can ask for help from those who have previously shopped with you. So, please give me a testimonial~

Even though there are now more and more online vegetable sellers, if your branding is strong enough and balanced with quality products, your business can definitely compete with others. I hope you find comfort in this business, OK!