business · 13/09/2021

Business by Utilizing Private Car

Business by Utilizing Private Car – We use private cars to work or take a walk. But there is nothing wrong if we make the car as a place to make money. Indeed, nowadays it is easy to find money with a private car. Moreover, you can register yourself as an online taxi driver or driver easily. However, there are many other businesses that are no less profitable

Business by Utilizing Private Car

1. Travel services outside the city

The first business idea is out of town travel services. Well, for those of you who dare to drive long distances, you can offer your services to the closest people, or the general public.

To start with, you can define routes that you already know. Determine the tariff by doing a small research on the existing out-of-town travel service providers. Then, you can offer your services by doing promotions on the internet.

2. School children pick-up service

The second idea is a shuttle service for school children. Currently, there are already online taxis or motorcycle taxis that can also take children to school. However, individual school shuttle services can also compete, you know!

For example, you offer shuttle services to neighbors around the house, friends, or relatives. You have the opportunity to compete with online taxi or motorcycle taxi services by providing added value, namely trust because they already know you first.

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3. Thrift shop business

This thrift shop business is booming on social media. You can start a thrift shop business using your own car. You can sell used clothes that you have curated, then you can display in the trunk of the car.

This minimal capital business can provide big profits, you know! Moreover, selling in the trunk of a car, you can sell in many locations or mobile, as well as being able to offer the best used clothes on social media.

Besides being able to sell used clothes that are privately owned, you can also multiply used clothes for sale by buying them at the second-hand market. An example is Pasar Senen, Central Jakarta. In the market, there are many traders who sell used clothes of very good quality and fit for use.

4. Advertising space

You can also have an income in a simple way, by using a private car as an advertising space. The trick is to install the sticker on the body or car window.

You just need to look for an advertising company that offers in-car advertising. For example, one ride-hailing company offers advertising services on cars with an income of Rp. 400 thousand to Rp. 1.3 million per month. The nominal income depends on the ongoing advertising campaign.