Start Investing Practically Using The Following Application

Start Investing Practically Using The Following Application – Investing has now become one of the hobbies and a promising source of income, by investing you can get passive income.

Since the first, gold is an investment instrument that is most in demand by the public. Gold has a stable price and tends to rise every year. So it is often used as a profitable investment asset.

Now, buying and selling gold does not have to be done conventionally. Various applications exist to provide digital gold investment services. You can buy, store and sell digital gold through the app. Here are a series of digital gold investment applications that are worth trying!

1. Treasury

Starting in 2018, Treasury is here to serve digital gold investment. Not only buying and selling and storing gold, through this application you can see price movements every day. All you have to do is register using your e-mail and phone number.

The safety issue is unquestionable. Treasury is a safe and reliable gold investment application. This application has been monitored by the state because it is registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

2. OpenGold

BukaEmas is one of the investment applications available at Bukalapak. For those who want to invest in gold with affordable capital, this application can be the right choice. You can start buying gold from just 0.0001 grams, you know!

This application has partnered with Antam and is officially registered with OJK. You can also convert it into physical form, in the form of certified Antam gold. However, the requirement for BukaEmas digital gold printing is a minimum of one gram.

3. Tokopedia Emas

Furthermore, there is the Tokopedia Emas application which is sheltered by the largest e-commerce in Indonesia. This application has collaborated with Pegadaian, so it is guaranteed to be safe for investment.

Tokopedia Emas is perfect for those of you who want to buy gold, then sell it when the price is high. This is because Tokopedia Emas is equipped with a feature to monitor gold price movements. Try it right away, you can buy it from only Rp. 500.

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4. Lakugold

Lakuemas is a digital gold investment application that has joined Fintech Indonesia, BAPPEBTI and the Ministry of Communication and Information. Different from the previous application, buying and selling gold at Lakuemas is a minimum of IDR 50 thousand.

There are 3 excellent features that this application has, namely Lakuemas, Laku Custody and Laku Exchange. So not only buying and selling, you can save gold for a certain period of time and exchange gold for jewelry.

5. Pluang

Another application that you can choose is Pluang, they offer a practical and easy system for users to invest. Moreover, you can top up from various types of banks, including GoPay.

The advantage of this application lies in the relatively affordable price of gold. Pluang has a gold price three percent less than other apps. You can also print the gold you have.…

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Online Vegetable Shopping Applications You Can Try While At Home

Online Vegetable Shopping Applications You Can Try While At Home – During the current coronavirus pandemic, going outside is not a wise thing. Especially to public places such as markets. Therefore, to meet daily needs at home, online vegetable shopping also needs to be done.
Fortunately, in recent years there have been more and more delivery service companies for online vegetable shopping and various other daily needs. If you are interested in starting online vegetable shopping to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus outbreak, maybe you can try the following list of websites and applications for learning vegetables online!


Sayurbox is arguably the most well-known online vegetable shopping platform today. In addition to providing vegetables, meat, and fruit, you can also find ready-to-eat spices or even ready-to-eat healthy foods such as salads and dressings here.
Sayurbox offers free shipping if the purchase is above IDR 100,000, and shipping is IDR 20,000 if the purchase is less than IDR 100,000.


In addition to vegetables and fruit, Brambang also provides herbs and spices, frozen foods, snacks, and ingredients for making cakes. Interestingly, you can not only shop for vegetables online in Brambang. This e-commerce also provides seasoned chicken and beef such as Chicken Teriyaki, Beef Yakiniku, and Beef Bulgogi.
Brambang also offers instant delivery to the South Jakarta area with a minimum purchase of IDR 70 thousand.

3.winged bean

Besides being able to shop for vegetables online, you can also get some ingredients that may not be easy to find in traditional markets or supermarkets. For example, Kenikir, Ginseng Leaves, Rosella, Pohpohan, Chives Leaves, or Antanan. Present since 2016 as a rebranding of LOFMart, Kecipir collaborates with local farmers to present organic vegetables.


Slightly different from other online vegetable shopping e-commerce on this list, HappyFresh is more fitting to be called Personal Shopper for its users. Working with 17 grocery stores and up to 40 specialty product stores, HappyFresh allows users to shop at their favorite convenience stores without having to leave the house.


Although initially it was e-commerce that connected farmers with buyers, Tanihub did not only provide a platform for online vegetable shopping. Now Tanihub has also grown by providing various other kitchen needs including packaged products such as chili sauce or packaged kitchen spices.
Slightly different from other online vegetable shopping e-commerce, Tanihub is more suitable for culinary business owners because there is a minimum purchase for various types of products, for example a minimum purchase of 1 kg for vegetable products.

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Not only vegetables and fruit, also provides ready-to-cook packages for various dishes from Green Bean Porridge to Balado Eggplant. You can also find fresh and processed fish products, which are rarely found on other online vegetable shopping platforms.


RegoPantes is an e-commerce platform where you can shop for vegetables, fruit, rice, spices, to finished products such as juice. Uniquely, RegoPantes also promotes the profile of its local farmers, so you know from which farmers you buy vegetables and fruit at RegoPantes.


Carisayur is another alternative online vegetable shopping platform that you can choose if you live in the DKI Jakarta, Tangerang, and South Tangerang areas. Interestingly, you can also find non-veg cooking products such as spring roll skin and wonton skin that are interesting to try.
Make sure to order before 12.00 noon so that your shopping will be delivered the next day.


For those of you who live in the Salatiga, Surabaya, and Jember areas, you can also try this Nyayur Android application! In addition to shopping for vegetables online, you can also shop for other necessities from fast food, groceries, even laundry soap and toiletries. is an online vegetable shopping application for Semarang residents. Uniquely, products are purchased directly from the main traditional markets in Semarang, from Karangayu Market to Pedurungan Market, which ensures that you also contribute to local traders. Besides vegetables, you can also buy fruit, meat, seafood, spices, and basic necessities at…

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Gomart Partner List The Easy Way

Gomart Partner List The Easy Way –¬†Salah satu layanan Gojek yang cukup membantu masyarakat adalah GoMart. Lewat GoMart, masyarakat bisa membeli produk-produk yang menjadi kebutuhan sehari-hari tanpa harus datang langsung ke toko atau supermarket.

Layanan GoMart menjadi semakin berguna di tengah pandemik COVID-19 lantaran tidak mengharuskan masyarakat untuk hadir dan berkerumun di dalam toko atau supermarket untuk berbelanja. Semuanya hanya cukup lewat gawai di tangan, maka produk kebutuhan sehari-harimu akan diantar langsung ke rumah.

Selain memberikan kemuduhan bagi para konsumen, GoMart juga menawarkan berbagai keuntungan kepada mitra bisnis Gojek yang telah mendaftarkan toko mereka ke GoMart.

Tak heran jika kemudian banyak pemilik usaha grosir, toko, dan supermarket yang tertarik mendaftar ke GoMart karena menganggapnya sebagai peluang meningkatkan usahanya dan mendapatkan profit lebih besar.

Maka dari itu, berikut ini merupakan cara daftar GoMart yang bisa kamu lakukan agar toko atau supermarketmu bisa menjadi mitra Gojek di layanan GoMart.

1. Visit the official GoMart site

The first way to register for GoMart is by accessing the official GoMart website at the address

The next way you will get it immediately after the main page of the site comes out. As soon as the GoMart site page comes out, you will be asked to fill out a registration form to become a GoMart partner.

In the form, there are several fields that you must fill in with information about your business or shop.

In the Store Name column, you can fill in the name of the store that you are running.

Then there is the Store Type column which you can fill in with information about the type of store. Gomart provides several choices of types of shops such as beauty shops, baby shops, automotive shops, fruit shops, and others.

If your store type is not listed in the options provided by GoMart, then you can choose the ‘other’ category as your type or type of shop.

2. Fill in the other store data fields

The next way after you finish filling in the name and type of shop is to complete your profile or other store data.

Inside there is ‘Available in Cities’ which means you have to fill in any areas where your store operates or provides services.

Then the ‘Number of Outlets’ which you can fill in with the number of your stores.

3. Fill out the contact information form

After that you can fill in the contact information which includes your name, email, and mobile number.

For ‘Name’, you must fill in the name according to the one on your KTP. Then you can fill in ‘Email’ using your email address, make sure the email address is active because it will be used to communicate with GoMart.

Then for ‘Phone’ you have to fill in your mobile number. Remember, like email, your cellphone number must also be active.

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4. Fill in data about the physical store

The next way to register for GoMart is to fill in data about a physical store or physical store that explains the whereabouts or location where you run your business.

There are two options that you can choose when you have to fill in data about a physical store. Select the ‘Yes’ option if you have a physical shop, but select the ‘No’ option if you don’t have a physical shop.

Other data that you must fill in when entering this method of registering GoMart is ‘Other Pick up Location’ in the form of a choice of address for picking up goods or products if a consumer buys your stuff.

The next data is ‘Branch Addres’ which you can fill in with your home or store address. Then also fill in the number of your store transactions each month in the ‘Number of Transaction / Month’ column.

Then, you will also be asked to fill in your store’s SKU number in the ‘Number of SKU’ column and in the ‘Add Other Information’ column, you can fill in other information about your store.

5. Make sure the data is filled in accordingly

If you have filled in all the fields and options, then the way to register for the next GoMart is to make sure it matches what you want or requested by GoMart.

After you make sure that everything is in order, then the next thing you need to do is to press the ‘Save and Continue’ button at the bottom of the GoMart site.

Well, now you have finished registering as a GoMart partner. You just have to wait for an email from GoMart to find out about the registration process for the next GoMart partner.

Easy is not the way? Good luck!…

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