How to Develop a Franchise Business

How to Develop a Franchise Business – There are many ways to get an innovation in business. More and more people are now choosing to start a business by utilizing various ways. One business that is easy and can easily make money is by doing a franchise business. F&B (food and beverage) is still a franchise business that is busy with enthusiasts.

The reason is simple, culinary is a daily necessity. Thus, the market can continue to be created. Even so, special tips are needed before starting a franchise so that the invested capital is not wasted. So, how?

How to Develop a Franchise Business

How to Develop a Franchise Business

1. Consider the uniqueness of the product

There are many franchises in the culinary field. Before deciding to collaborate with a brand, first think about something that makes the product unique.
The uniqueness of the product can make your business grow and not lose competitiveness. Don’t forget to consider how much consumers want to buy the product in the long term, so that the market for your business can continue to exist.

2. Selectively choose the owner of the franchise license

Do research for franchise license owners before deciding to jump into this business. Choose a company with a good reputation, because you will cooperate in the long term.
See also how the franchise develops and is accepted by the community. If the level of sales tends to rise and consumers are never bored with the product, you can consider collaborating with the franchise license.

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3. Adjust the capital with the budget you have

Avoid starting a business without thinking about a budget. Try to get the funds issued from ‘cold money’, so they don’t interfere with your monthly spending budget or savings.
After calculating the capital you have, choose a franchise that fits your budget. Then, ask the franchisor what tools and operational materials are provided at the beginning. Presentation of offers with good visualization also indicates that the franchise has a professional way of working.

4. Find a strategic location

Location is one aspect in developing a business. Not only strategic, you also need to look at the market demand in that location.
To get started, you can conduct a survey in several places that are chosen as franchise locations. After that, pay attention to the rivals around the location, make sure the opportunity to develop a franchise business in the area is big enough.
If you have noticed the four things above, you can start a franchise business. One of the franchise businesses that can be chosen is GB Express. Still under the umbrella of PT Onsu Pangan Perkasa like Geprek Bensu, GB Express is a crispy fried chicken business with a minimalist concept.…

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1 Million Capital Business Inspiration Ideas

1 Million Capital Business Inspiration Ideas – There are many people who want to have a business by leveraging existing ones. However, to start a business, you need capital not to mention if you want to open a good business. Don’t worry, there are many business ideas with only 1 million in capital

To help you, here we present a number of business ideas with a capital of IDR 1 million.

1 Million Capital Business Inspiration Ideas

1. Making parcels/hampers

The first business idea with a capital of IDR 1 million was making parcels or hampers. You can use IDR 1 million capital to buy baskets and other supporting equipment.

This business can also gain huge profits before the holidays arrive. Not only that, if you are careful in preparing market strategies and are observant of opportunities, you can develop a parcel business on a wider scale such as parcels for weddings, deliveries, and other events.

That way, you can get orders every month or even every week with this strategy. Promotion on social media also plays a key role so that your parcel or hamper business can get a wider reach.

2. Snack Packaging Business

The next business idea with a capital of IDR 1 million is to sell packaged snacks. With a capital of IDR 1 million, you can buy the initial raw materials, namely snacks and plastic packaging.

To attract the attention of potential buyers, create a unique and unusual snack packaging design.

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3. Snack or Cake

Homemade cakes can also be a business option with minimal capital. To start this business, you need an initial capital of around IDR 500 thousand to IDR 1 million, depending on the type of cake or snacks you make.

There are various types of home cakes that you can make, such as

birthday cake;
assorted fried snacks;
and others.
In addition to using social media such as Instagram to sell online, you can also market it offline by leaving home-made cakes to the nearest stalls.…

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Tips for Choosing the Right Business Partner

Tips for Choosing the Right Business Partner – In starting a new business, our partner will ask several people to help us develop and run the business. Here are some tips that you can do and apply in the business world

Make sure your vision and mission are the same

Since the beginning of discussing the business that you want to build together, you must ensure that the vision and mission of all involved are the same. It’s like wanting to build a house, it must be clear what type of house you want, how much building area is needed, to what kind of design is expected by all residents of the house. Don’t let you imagine a simple one-story house with a large yard, but your partner wants a three-story house with a garage that can fit many vehicles.

You have to do this discussion of the vision and mission and finish it as soon as possible so it doesn’t interfere with business management, starting from the financial, operational, to marketing aspects. Because, for example, yes, you and your friends want to do a food business. Surely the management is different between the delivery-based fast food business and the fine dining restaurant business.

Tips for Choosing the Right Business Partner

Choose friends who are serious and have a passion for business

Having serious business friends and having a passion for business is very important. Those who are serious will consider everything from A to Z and are ready to dedicate themselves to the business you build. Meanwhile, passion will make the business you live more “live” or not rigid and can continue to innovate. Both of these things can ignite the desire to run a business to the fullest. In the end, you and your friends will also benefit because your business is successful and can continue to grow.

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Choose Friends Who Have Special Skills

Don’t just choose a business partner just for the reason “this is my best friend” or “I want to build a business with my best friend”. Actually, there is nothing wrong with doing business with friends. But don’t let that be the only reason. The best business friends are those who have special skills that are different from yours, and can perfect your business skill set. For example, you who have just graduated from hospitality studies have aspirations of opening an inn business with a bed and breakfast concept. To support a business plan, you certainly need a good marketing and/or financial strategy. You can invite friends who are good at marketing, who are interested in your business idea.

Choose Friends Who Want to Commit

Business matters are not just starting, spending capital, undergoing, then success and profits will just come. Between living and success there is an invisible gap, namely a challenge or problem. If you make it through, of course your business will start to succeed. But if not, you must be prepared to face failure. The commitment of you and your friends who do business together is important to face various challenges and failures that are sure to come. In addition, commitment is also important so that you continue to survive even though you are faced with problems.…

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Business by Utilizing Private Car

Business by Utilizing Private Car – We use private cars to work or take a walk. But there is nothing wrong if we make the car as a place to make money. Indeed, nowadays it is easy to find money with a private car. Moreover, you can register yourself as an online taxi driver or driver easily. However, there are many other businesses that are no less profitable

Business by Utilizing Private Car

1. Travel services outside the city

The first business idea is out of town travel services. Well, for those of you who dare to drive long distances, you can offer your services to the closest people, or the general public.

To start with, you can define routes that you already know. Determine the tariff by doing a small research on the existing out-of-town travel service providers. Then, you can offer your services by doing promotions on the internet.

2. School children pick-up service

The second idea is a shuttle service for school children. Currently, there are already online taxis or motorcycle taxis that can also take children to school. However, individual school shuttle services can also compete, you know!

For example, you offer shuttle services to neighbors around the house, friends, or relatives. You have the opportunity to compete with online taxi or motorcycle taxi services by providing added value, namely trust because they already know you first.

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3. Thrift shop business

This thrift shop business is booming on social media. You can start a thrift shop business using your own car. You can sell used clothes that you have curated, then you can display in the trunk of the car.

This minimal capital business can provide big profits, you know! Moreover, selling in the trunk of a car, you can sell in many locations or mobile, as well as being able to offer the best used clothes on social media.

Besides being able to sell used clothes that are privately owned, you can also multiply used clothes for sale by buying them at the second-hand market. An example is Pasar Senen, Central Jakarta. In the market, there are many traders who sell used clothes of very good quality and fit for use.

4. Advertising space

You can also have an income in a simple way, by using a private car as an advertising space. The trick is to install the sticker on the body or car window.

You just need to look for an advertising company that offers in-car advertising. For example, one ride-hailing company offers advertising services on cars with an income of Rp. 400 thousand to Rp. 1.3 million per month. The nominal income depends on the ongoing advertising campaign.…

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7 Steps to Starting an Online Vegetable Business During a Pandemic

7 Steps to Starting an Online Vegetable Business During a Pandemic – During this pandemic, online vegetable sellers are one of the conveniences that people need. You can’t just waste this opportunity. You can try selling vegetables online to increase your income. The main capital is intention, and of course a smartphone and a smooth internet connection.

Well, if you are interested, Hipwee Sukses provides a brief description of how to start an online vegetable business. If these things have been done, it means that you are ready to compete with other sellers. Listen

1. First of all, check market conditions by selling using the pre-order system first
In addition to pre-orders or POs, you can also check market conditions by opening a jastip aka a deposit service. This method is done so that you know what your buyer’s needs will be. After all, if you use the PO system, you don’t need to buy a lot of stock first. So just stock up on what you ordered. Well, if the demand starts to increase, then there will be more stock and market it directly.

2. To be more profitable and get fresh vegetable stock, look for first-hand suppliers
Survey the vegetable stock directly to the farmer, look for the good stuff and the price is right. Vegetable farmers are usually a bit far from the city, but if you want to take enough stock and subscribe, they usually want to deliver!

3. Provide a special cooling machine or refrigerator to put vegetable stock so it doesn’t wilt quickly
Even if there is a refrigerator, vegetables can’t be stored for long. To anticipate this, you can buy vegetable stock from the supplier every three times a week. The hope is that your vegetables can run out without having to throw away the stock starting not fresh.

4. Don’t forget to create social media accounts so that your business looks more professional
Think of a memorable business name. To be more sure, make regular uploads. The contents can be about the products being sold, the delivery process, or testimonials from customers. Well, so that your sales are more crowded, you can advertise it through Instagram or Facebook Ads.

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5. Also consider the delivery service, do you want to use an ojol service or deliver yourself?
If you have the personnel and means of transportation to deliver orders, it will actually be more profitable. Because, some customers sometimes think that shipping via ojol is actually more expensive. Especially if the distance between your house and your vegetable warehouse is quite far. Later, even if it is delivered by yourself, don’t install expensive tariffs, so that customers don’t run away.

6. Even if you only sell vegetables, you also have to think about your branding image!
Look for one thing that characterizes your online vegetable business. For example, from neat packaging or vegetables sold specifically for organic products. In addition, you also have to think about the completeness of the products being sold. Also provide other products such as side dishes such as tempeh, fish, meat, and chicken. You can also sell fruit and groceries if possible.

7. You can also ask close friends to help promote your online vegetable business through their social media
Sometimes, promotional help from others makes the sales reach wider. In order not to seem troublesome, you can ask for help from those who have previously shopped with you. So, please give me a testimonial~

Even though there are now more and more online vegetable sellers, if your branding is strong enough and balanced with quality products, your business can definitely compete with others. I hope you find comfort in this business, OK!…

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The Key to Success in Selling on the Marketplace

The Key to Success in Selling on the Marketplace – Success in selling using the marketplace is one of the most targeted platforms for traders to make sales.

Selling on the marketplace or online market is an alternative that traders can choose so that their products can reach many buyers. Moreover, currently there are many popular marketplaces whose users are spread across Indonesia, such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee and Lazada.

But unfortunately, trading on the marketplace cannot guarantee that your sales will sell out right away. Especially if it is done without the right strategy.

1. Understand the Buyer

The first thing that needs to be done to make a sale sell well is to understand the buyer. Because, in this way traders can attract buyers. Usually, buyers are divided into two categories, namely those who care about the price and those who do not care about the price.

Buyers who care about prices can be said to be the majority of buyers in the marketplace. Usually they don’t check the official website of the manufacturer. They are more dominant in checking directly on the marketplace and are usually looking for the cheapest product. Buyers like this cause the sellers or sellers to slam their prices and compete with each other to provide low prices.

Meanwhile, the type of buyer who doesn’t care about the price usually doesn’t focus on the cheapest price. They prioritize the quality of the goods sold. They pay more attention to ratings and reviews from previous buyers. In essence, they consider many factors before deciding.

2. Pay attention to how to upload products

The way the seller uploads the product also affects the buyer’s interest in the product. There are several things that need to be considered in uploading products, from writing descriptions to using product photos. Also remember not to copy and paste other people’s product descriptions because it will get rid of buyers’ interest.

In addition, try to write a complete and long description because research shows that 87 percent of 1,000 respondents said that product information is very important for buying a product or not.

In this case, it is also important to always use your own photos or edit existing photos so that the products being sold look unique, and also use good quality photos.

3. Promotion

Use social media for promotion to increase sales. Upload products and provide information about products sold on social media. Besides that, you can also use social media to educate users about the products being sold, it can be about how to use or the advantages of the product.

To attract buyers, it is better not only to use photos, but also videos. In addition, don’t forget to use hashtags to make it easier for potential buyers to find products for sale.

Apart from social media, websites can also be used for promotion. So, the contents of the website with the content of the products being sold and also the content related to the products being sold, can be in the form of advantages in how to use them and so on. Don’t forget to also optimize for targeted keywords.

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4. Improve store performance

Improving store performance can be done in various ways, from replying to buyer chats faster to providing clear and complete answers.

The speed in responding to buyer chats reflects the seriousness of selling the product, while answering prospective buyers’ questions completely and clearly can make buyers satisfied with their answers and minimize the many questions that come back. Also, try to process orders quickly as this can also affect the rating and performance of the store.

Store performance can also be improved by upgrading to a premium account. By upgrading to a premium account, the store will look more reliable, so buyers will be more interested in purchasing products at the store.

5. Improve the way of communication

Create intensive and good communication with prospective buyers. There are several ways you can do to improve the way of communication. Where is the first way is to prepare a chat template.

Using chat templates has proven to be more efficient than having to manually type every question from a prospective buyer, even though they are asking the same thing that has been asked before.

In addition, always follow up potential buyers who seem interested in the product being sold. It is not impossible from there that prospective buyers will buy the product in the end.

Next, try to be responsive. Respond well and quickly to complaints from prospective buyers, so the seller will seem to care about them. This can make buyers trust the store more and more.…

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Jeff Bezos The Richest Man, Forbes 2021 Releases

Jeff Bezos The Richest Man, Forbes 2021 Releases – The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world for more than a year. However, that is not an excuse for Forbes not to release a list of the world’s richest people for the period 2021.

In a year of living in the midst of a pandemic, many things happen from companies listing on the stock market, rising cryptocurrencies, and rising prices of leading shares in the world.

These things later became several factors in the release of the names of the world’s richest in the report “Forbes World’s Billionaire List The Richest in 2021.”

1. The number of the world’s richest people in 2021 will increase

The COVID-19 pandemic does not appear to be an obstacle for some people in the world to increase their coffers. It is not surprising then that Forbes reports that there has been a fairly rapid increase in the number of the world’s richest people this year.

The number of billionaires in the world in Forbes’ 35th annual list has grown to 2,755 or 660 more than last year. Of these, 493 of them are new residents of the list of the richest people in the entire Earth, or an increase of one person every 17 hours.

Then, from the list of new residents, 210 of them came from China and Hong Kong and 250 others came back after having left the Forbes list of richest people. Meanwhile, 86 percent of the total billionaires on the Forbes list currently have more wealth than in 2020.

2. Jeff Bezos is still the richest person in the universe

The first position as the richest person in the universe is still held by Jeff Bezos. The Amazon founder has held this status for four consecutive years as his wealth has continued to grow to date.

In this year’s Forbes list, Bezos is known to have total assets of up to 177 billion United States (US) dollars or equivalent to IDR 2.5 thousand trillion.

Meanwhile, in second place is Elon Musk, who has skyrocketed with a total wealth of US $ 151 billion or Rp. 2.2 thousand trillion.

The skyrocketing share prices of Amazon and Tesla played a part in increasing the wealth assets owned by Bezos and Musk.

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3. The total wealth of billionaires on the Forbes list reaches 13.1 trillion US dollars

Then, when totaled, all the assets owned by billionaires in the Forbes list of the richest people in the world go up to US $ 13.1 trillion or more than Rp.189 thousand trillion.

This amount is an increase of US $ 5.1 trillion (Rp73 thousand trillion) when compared to last year’s list of only US $ 8 trillion or Rp. 115 thousand trillion.

The US is still the country with the most billionaires in the Forbes list of the richest people in the universe with 742 people. Then China (including Hong Kong and Macau) followed with a contribution of 698 people.

In calculating the wealth of billionaires on the list, Forbes uses stock prices and currency exchange rates since March 5, 2021.…

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Rupiah Will Be Closed Lower On Thursday

Rupiah Will Be Closed Lower On Thursday –  After three consecutive days of closing higher, the exchange rate (exchange rate) of the rupiah against the United States dollar (US) finally weakened at the close of trading, Thursday (8/4/2021) afternoon.

Quoting Bloomberg, Garuda’s currency closed down 40 points or 0.28 percent at Rp14,535 per US dollar compared to the previous day’s closing at Rp14,495.

1. The rupiah exchange rate is based on the BI middle rate

Meanwhile, based on the Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate (JISDOR) of Bank Indonesia (BI) on Thursday (8/4/2021), the rupiah exchange rate was recorded at IDR 14,580 per US dollar.

This figure also weakened considerably compared to the rupiah exchange rate on Wednesday (7/4/2021) which was IDR 14,513 per US dollar.

2. The weakening factor of the rupiah at the close of trading

Director of PT TRFX Garuda Berjangka, Ibrahim Assuaibi, in his written statement said that the decision of the US Central Bank or The Fed to continue to support the economic recovery in the US made the dollar strengthen not only against the rupiah, but also against other currencies.

“The central bank reiterates its promise to continue monetary policy support for the economy until the recovery is on a firmer footing, even as unprecedented stimulus measures accelerate the US recovery,” he explained.

Meanwhile, from an internal perspective, the weakening of the rupiah today is the result of the still enactment of Micro PPKM in a number of regions and the announcement of GDP in the first quarter of 2021.

“In the condition that some parts of Indonesia are still implementing Micro PPKM and the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to slope, especially after the release of contraction in the first quarter of 2021 GDP,” added Ibrahim.

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3. Projection of the movement of the rupiah tomorrow

Ibrahim then predicted the rupiah’s movement tomorrow. According to him, the rupiah will fluctuate before finally closing in a weakened condition.

“As for tomorrow’s trade, the rupiah may open fluctuations. However, it closed lower in the range of Rp. 14,530 – Rp. 14,590,” he said.


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