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Online Vegetable Shopping Applications You Can Try While At Home

Online Vegetable Shopping Applications You Can Try While At Home – During the current coronavirus pandemic, going outside is not a wise thing. Especially to public places such as markets. Therefore, to meet daily needs at home, online vegetable shopping also needs to be done.
Fortunately, in recent years there have been more and more delivery service companies for online vegetable shopping and various other daily needs. If you are interested in starting online vegetable shopping to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus outbreak, maybe you can try the following list of websites and applications for learning vegetables online!


Sayurbox is arguably the most well-known online vegetable shopping platform today. In addition to providing vegetables, meat, and fruit, you can also find ready-to-eat spices or even ready-to-eat healthy foods such as salads and dressings here.
Sayurbox offers free shipping if the purchase is above IDR 100,000, and shipping is IDR 20,000 if the purchase is less than IDR 100,000.


In addition to vegetables and fruit, Brambang also provides herbs and spices, frozen foods, snacks, and ingredients for making cakes. Interestingly, you can not only shop for vegetables online in Brambang. This e-commerce also provides seasoned chicken and beef such as Chicken Teriyaki, Beef Yakiniku, and Beef Bulgogi.
Brambang also offers instant delivery to the South Jakarta area with a minimum purchase of IDR 70 thousand.

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Besides being able to shop for vegetables online, you can also get some ingredients that may not be easy to find in traditional markets or supermarkets. For example, Kenikir, Ginseng Leaves, Rosella, Pohpohan, Chives Leaves, or Antanan. Present since 2016 as a rebranding of LOFMart, Kecipir collaborates with local farmers to present organic vegetables.


Slightly different from other online vegetable shopping e-commerce on this list, HappyFresh is more fitting to be called Personal Shopper for its users. Working with 17 grocery stores and up to 40 specialty product stores, HappyFresh allows users to shop at their favorite convenience stores without having to leave the house.


Although initially it was e-commerce that connected farmers with buyers, Tanihub did not only provide a platform for online vegetable shopping. Now Tanihub has also grown by providing various other kitchen needs including packaged products such as chili sauce or packaged kitchen spices.
Slightly different from other online vegetable shopping e-commerce, Tanihub is more suitable for culinary business owners because there is a minimum purchase for various types of products, for example a minimum purchase of 1 kg for vegetable products.

Also Read : Playing Online Poker Gambling For Fun is arguably an online vegetable shopping application with the widest delivery area coverage in Indonesia. Not only Jabodetabek, when you register a new account on the application, you will find a dozen other cities covering Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Bali, and Sulawesi.
Not only vegetables and fruit, also provides ready-to-cook packages for various dishes from Green Bean Porridge to Balado Eggplant. You can also find fresh and processed fish products, which are rarely found on other online vegetable shopping platforms.


RegoPantes is an e-commerce platform where you can shop for vegetables, fruit, rice, spices, to finished products such as juice. Uniquely, RegoPantes also promotes the profile of its local farmers, so you know from which farmers you buy vegetables and fruit at RegoPantes.


Carisayur is another alternative online vegetable shopping platform that you can choose if you live in the DKI Jakarta, Tangerang, and South Tangerang areas. Interestingly, you can also find non-veg cooking products such as spring roll skin and wonton skin that are interesting to try.
Make sure to order before 12.00 noon so that your shopping will be delivered the next day.


For those of you who live in the Salatiga, Surabaya, and Jember areas, you can also try this Nyayur Android application! In addition to shopping for vegetables online, you can also shop for other necessities from fast food, groceries, even laundry soap and toiletries. is an online vegetable shopping application for Semarang residents. Uniquely, products are purchased directly from the main traditional markets in Semarang, from Karangayu Market to Pedurungan Market, which ensures that you also contribute to local traders. Besides vegetables, you can also buy fruit, meat, seafood, spices, and basic necessities at