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Start Investing Practically Using The Following Application

Start Investing Practically Using The Following Application – Investing has now become one of the hobbies and a promising source of income, by investing you can get passive income.

Since the first, gold is an investment instrument that is most in demand by the public. Gold has a stable price and tends to rise every year. So it is often used as a profitable investment asset.

Now, buying and selling gold does not have to be done conventionally. Various applications exist to provide digital gold investment services. You can buy, store and sell digital gold through the app. Here are a series of digital gold investment applications that are worth trying!

1. Treasury

Starting in 2018, Treasury is here to serve digital gold investment. Not only buying and selling and storing gold, through this application you can see price movements every day. All you have to do is register using your e-mail and phone number.

The safety issue is unquestionable. Treasury is a safe and reliable gold investment application. This application has been monitored by the state because it is registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

2. OpenGold

BukaEmas is one of the investment applications available at Bukalapak. For those who want to invest in gold with affordable capital, this application can be the right choice. You can start buying gold from just 0.0001 grams, you know!

This application has partnered with Antam and is officially registered with OJK. You can also convert it into physical form, in the form of certified Antam gold. However, the requirement for BukaEmas digital gold printing is a minimum of one gram.

3. Tokopedia Emas

Furthermore, there is the Tokopedia Emas application which is sheltered by the largest e-commerce in Indonesia. This application has collaborated with Pegadaian, so it is guaranteed to be safe for investment.

Tokopedia Emas is perfect for those of you who want to buy gold, then sell it when the price is high. This is because Tokopedia Emas is equipped with a feature to monitor gold price movements. Try it right away, you can buy it from only Rp. 500.

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4. Lakugold

Lakuemas is a digital gold investment application that has joined Fintech Indonesia, BAPPEBTI and the Ministry of Communication and Information. Different from the previous application, buying and selling gold at Lakuemas is a minimum of IDR 50 thousand.

There are 3 excellent features that this application has, namely Lakuemas, Laku Custody and Laku Exchange. So not only buying and selling, you can save gold for a certain period of time and exchange gold for jewelry.

5. Pluang

Another application that you can choose is Pluang, they offer a practical and easy system for users to invest. Moreover, you can top up from various types of banks, including GoPay.

The advantage of this application lies in the relatively affordable price of gold. Pluang has a gold price three percent less than other apps. You can also print the gold you have.