business · 31/05/2021

The Key to Success in Selling on the Marketplace

The Key to Success in Selling on the Marketplace – Success in selling using the marketplace is one of the most targeted platforms for traders to make sales.

Selling on the marketplace or online market is an alternative that traders can choose so that their products can reach many buyers. Moreover, currently there are many popular marketplaces whose users are spread across Indonesia, such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee and Lazada.

But unfortunately, trading on the marketplace cannot guarantee that your sales will sell out right away. Especially if it is done without the right strategy.

1. Understand the Buyer

The first thing that needs to be done to make a sale sell well is to understand the buyer. Because, in this way traders can attract buyers. Usually, buyers are divided into two categories, namely those who care about the price and those who do not care about the price.

Buyers who care about prices can be said to be the majority of buyers in the marketplace. Usually they don’t check the official website of the manufacturer. They are more dominant in checking directly on the marketplace and are usually looking for the cheapest product. Buyers like this cause the sellers or sellers to slam their prices and compete with each other to provide low prices.

Meanwhile, the type of buyer who doesn’t care about the price usually doesn’t focus on the cheapest price. They prioritize the quality of the goods sold. They pay more attention to ratings and reviews from previous buyers. In essence, they consider many factors before deciding.

2. Pay attention to how to upload products

The way the seller uploads the product also affects the buyer’s interest in the product. There are several things that need to be considered in uploading products, from writing descriptions to using product photos. Also remember not to copy and paste other people’s product descriptions because it will get rid of buyers’ interest.

In addition, try to write a complete and long description because research shows that 87 percent of 1,000 respondents said that product information is very important for buying a product or not.

In this case, it is also important to always use your own photos or edit existing photos so that the products being sold look unique, and also use good quality photos.

3. Promotion

Use social media for promotion to increase sales. Upload products and provide information about products sold on social media. Besides that, you can also use social media to educate users about the products being sold, it can be about how to use or the advantages of the product.

To attract buyers, it is better not only to use photos, but also videos. In addition, don’t forget to use hashtags to make it easier for potential buyers to find products for sale.

Apart from social media, websites can also be used for promotion. So, the contents of the website with the content of the products being sold and also the content related to the products being sold, can be in the form of advantages in how to use them and so on. Don’t forget to also optimize for targeted keywords.

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4. Improve store performance

Improving store performance can be done in various ways, from replying to buyer chats faster to providing clear and complete answers.

The speed in responding to buyer chats reflects the seriousness of selling the product, while answering prospective buyers’ questions completely and clearly can make buyers satisfied with their answers and minimize the many questions that come back. Also, try to process orders quickly as this can also affect the rating and performance of the store.

Store performance can also be improved by upgrading to a premium account. By upgrading to a premium account, the store will look more reliable, so buyers will be more interested in purchasing products at the store.

5. Improve the way of communication

Create intensive and good communication with prospective buyers. There are several ways you can do to improve the way of communication. Where is the first way is to prepare a chat template.

Using chat templates has proven to be more efficient than having to manually type every question from a prospective buyer, even though they are asking the same thing that has been asked before.

In addition, always follow up potential buyers who seem interested in the product being sold. It is not impossible from there that prospective buyers will buy the product in the end.

Next, try to be responsive. Respond well and quickly to complaints from prospective buyers, so the seller will seem to care about them. This can make buyers trust the store more and more.